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Do you own a small business or firm in Sydney? If you do then I know how hard it is to get everything done… am I right? You work all day in your business and then hall all of your books home to do the paper work… and then try to grab a little time before bed to work on some marketing idea? I’ve been there and I have certainly done that!

I started in business 35 years ago… in pre-school… ha ha ha… just kidding but I was only 19 and bought a coffee shop! In reality I started my first business selling Yo Yo strings in grade 5 at school. My Mum could get wholesale products through my parents business contacts and she encouraged me to set up retailing at school. Once the teachers found out I got shut down by the principal… “No one is allowed to sell stuff on school grounds anymore”… the announcement at assembly one Monday morning. I was shut down by the Man!

I was marketing Manager at Clubs before the internet was invented and we did local paper advertising, letterbox drops and flyers all over the place. And it all worked like a dream! People poured in and life was good.

Then the internet came along… with web sites and search engines and algorithms… And then that damned Social Media… how can you keep up with everything?

It’s actually heaps easier now than ever before… check this out…

If you want to grow a business in your local suburb here is the info we can get before we start…

Business Type: Hairdresser

Keywords and number of people searching those keywords per month:

hairdresser parramatta generates 590 searches per month

hairdresser bankstown generates 170 searches per month

hairdresser sydney generates 1900 searches per month

hair salon sydney generates 1300 searches per month

So you need to have your business website on page 1 of Google for any of these keyword searches and you’ll get loads more enquiries… it’s that easy!

We research your business industry and suburb, give you the numbers to chose from and you say “Lets do it!”.

No Lock In Contracts

Everyone is month by month here… if we aren’t getting the results you just say stop and you pay no more.

Here are some fee options for you to think about….

One Keyword phrase $149 per month… that means say for “hairdresser parramatta” you’ll get up to 590 searches per month looking at your web site… pretty good hey?
New Client Special: Buy 6 months and get 3 months free… $894 value for only $447… that means say for “hairdresser parramatta” you’ll get up to 3540 searches over 6 months looking at your web site… even gooder ha ha, hey?

Get in touch today and lets start getting you some new customers.

This works for shops, services, tradies, restaurants… any local small business.

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